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‘Bantum x LOAH - Take It’
by P.O.B

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‘Bantum x LOAH - Take It’ by P.O.B

A visual intrepretation of Bantum x LAOH's eerily emotive track 'Take It'. Choreographed and performed by Laura Sarah Dowdall.

Full Credits

There are no harsh lines or edges when it comes to P.O.B's directing style. Fluidity, movement and composition are consistent traits across all his work. An IADT graduate with a specific interest in sound design, his approach to any film is multi-faceted and brings depth to the simplest of projects.

  • Director P.O.B
  • Executive Producer Ross Killeen
  • Producer Ellen Kenny
  • Production Coordinator Louise Byrne
  • DoP Keith Harrison
  • Editor John Cutler
  • MUA Julie Caufield
  • Wardrobe Claire Baldwin
  • Dancer /Choreographer Laura Sarah Dowdall