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‘RBMA - Sound of Dublin’
by P.O.B

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‘RBMA - Sound of Dublin’ by P.O.B

P.O.B's film studies the collective sound that blurs lines between scene and genre. A sound that's inclusive, a sound that brings people from different musical backgrounds to the same club, into the same music. A sound that sparks collaboration and creativity. A sound that inspires and a sound that's unique. The sound of Dublin.

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There are no harsh lines or edges when it comes to P.O.B's directing style. Fluidity, movement and composition are consistent traits across all his work. An IADT graduate with a specific interest in sound design, his approach to any film is multi-faceted and brings depth to the simplest of projects.

  • Director POB
  • Executive Producer Ross Killeen
  • Producer Keith Bradley
  • Camera Jarleth Finnegan
  • Post Production John Cutler