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‘RBMA - Sound of Belfast’
by P.O.B

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‘RBMA - Sound of Belfast’ by P.O.B

'The Sound of Belfast' features artists, attendees and the people of Belfast city while capturing the energy of the Red Bull Music Academy Weekender. Music has always played an important part in this bright, bustling city. This film focuses on Belfast now, its rich music culture, upcoming acts and what makes it unique. A place constantly in flux, looking forward, not back.

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There are no harsh lines or edges when it comes to P.O.B's directing style. Fluidity, movement and composition are consistent traits across all his work. An IADT graduate with a specific interest in sound design, his approach to any film is multi-faceted and brings depth to the simplest of projects.

  • Director P.O.B
  • Executive Producer Ross Killeen
  • Producer Ellen Kenny
  • Camera Operator John Cutler
  • Editor John Cutler