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‘Soar - It’s just a phase’
by P.O.B

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‘Soar - It’s just a phase’ by P.O.B

A hard hitting emotive piece that explores authentic teenage struggles. 'It's just a phase' was shot with real teenagers - the true driving force behind this piece - making the film genuine and relatable. Soar is an independent national youth outreach movement committed to helping teenagers.

P.O.B. excels at building a rich atmosphere in all his work. By capturing candid moments with real people and weaving them into a larger narrative, he elevates simple first-person accounts into something much more powerful.  

His subtle and sensitive touch is blended with his stylish eye and training in sound design. He finds a unique rhythm in telling a story, and combines beautifully composed shots with a provoking soundscape - bringing a new level of feeling and depth to even the simplest of stories.