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‘Fyffes - The Town’
by P.O.B

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‘Fyffes - The Town’ by P.O.B

After a series of serious setbacks Dundalk FC was on the brink of extinction in 2012. With the community in a crisis, we tell the inspiring tale of how the “The Town” pulled together to save their beloved club, and the rousing redemption story behind their unprecedented League winning campaign of 2014.


P.O.B. excels at building a rich atmosphere in all his work. By capturing candid moments with real people and weaving them into a larger narrative, he elevates simple first-person accounts into something much more powerful.  

His subtle and sensitive touch is blended with his stylish eye and training in sound design. He finds a unique rhythm in telling a story, and combines beautifully composed shots with a provoking soundscape - bringing a new level of feeling and depth to even the simplest of stories.